You have procrastinated as long as you can but now it seems you have reached the end of the road. Your compliance and audit department is calling for reports, results and documentation to prove that your organization’s training and human resources are being taken care of.

What to do?

  1. Start somewhere – most people like to get the whole plan mapped out, fleshed out and fully evaluated 3 ways from Thursday before they even put said actual plan to paper. But you just need to start somewhere. Start something.
  2. Leverage resources – there are many online resources to help you get started. Start with a simple Google search.
  3. Select a partner or program that enables you to make and fix early mistakes. I am talking about a system that allows month to month payment. There’s no need investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a program if you are not sure of all the needs your organization might have.

Lastly, check out tools like the eLeaP management training system. Because you have the chance to create, track and manage your own training and e-learning, without any additional software needed, this system could help get you moving in the right direction. Make this the year you get off dead center and get your training and employee development process started.


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